Schrexit – Schrodinger’s Brexit.

Schrexit is the Brexit you have when you are not really having a Brexit. A Schrodinger’s Brexit is when the cat mews to get out, you open the fucking door but then it just sits there absolutely petrified. This, sheeple, is the Britain of today. Clearly this is what the British  yearn for – this is what Boris and all those twittering twats have been waiting for because nothing says a public school education like having your cake and then trying to scoff it as well. Then blaming it all on the poor people, like Jeremy Corbyn and the Socialists. It is now official – the British people have no clue whatsoever what they are doing, or why, in which direction they are doing it and exactly when it is all due to start.

Or who’s fault it all was.

They have not a single clue.

From now on I suggest the we all adopt a more realistic approach to what has been going on in the tiny, wee minds of the British voter and call this gigantic political cluster rut, ‘Schrexit.’ That’s what it is sheeple. Schrodinger’s Brexit. This is not Brexit. This is the Brexit you have when you are not sure about having a Brexit and whether you ever wanted one in the first place, despite clearly having voted for it. Being in and out at the same time, not being very sure about any of it, deluding yourselves daily yet wanting to vote on it all the time. Be realistic. This is a state of deep political psychosis layered with bickering and blame mongering from irrelevant herds of circle jerk politicians who have done for political reality what Jimmy Savile did for child mentoring.

A strong and stable leadership indeed. More like a tottering troop of tormented twits suffering conversion disorder.

This seems to be exactly what the British people want – to be simultaneously in and out of the E.U., to enjoy all the advantages both ways, yet suffer none of the disadvantages. Let’s face it, the British people are spoilt. They have never really got over the Empire.  Even when they were in the E.U. that is what they had anyway, a Schrodinger’s membership of the E.U. since they never committed their currency to the deal. The British just wanted all that wine and cheese. Whatever the British wanted, the E.U. gave them. No wonder Europeans are sick of them. Their hopes of a planned exit are about as realistic as their dream of bringing home the Football World Cup – cute and pathetic yet vaguely telling of raging neurosis. If I emigrate to Britain I am an “immigrant”. I emigrate. Yet when the British come over to our part of the world, they are “ex-pats”. It’s different for them you see. They are spoiled and entitled. Did you catch their delusion? They are British and the world owes them an existence. So does Europe apparently.

Note how there are people calling for another vote. Crikey. Don’t they remember how the country got into this mess in the first place? That’s right, through British people voting and expressing their so-called opinions on things. Right. Have you ever watched Britain’s Got Talent? Or listened to SuRie? Schrexit confirms that storms do, in fact, last forever. The British public, like SuRie, believes in chasing rainbows. Clearly the solution here is in simply keeping  people well away from the polls at all times.

Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Dad’s army is back in command.

Apparently no woman in Britain at the moment is safe from Boris Johnson. Is he even focussed on Brexit? I think we all know what Boris is focussed on and it seems to involve the opposite of exits. Why any sane woman would want to shelter under his dodgy barnet, heaven only knows. Well there you are – the fact that Boris Johnson is involved in any sort of sexual conquest whatsoever is symptomatic of a general public malaise involving delusion, insecurity, impulse control disorder, conversion disorder, dissociative identity disorder, sexual dysfunction, a fetish for bicycle clips and generally being stupid as well as poorly informed.

What ever happened to Nigel Farage? Oh that’s right, he was the exit king. He left you all stranded didn’t he? Nice one Einstein.

So this is the Britain of today. This is what is left.

How, by the way, did it all become the fault of the Labour Party? I am speechless. Corbyn was fairly clear on entry to the E.U. He didn’t want to go in. He is clear on what he now wants for Britain – unusually in the British parliament. Why is he then blamed for the actions of conservative addlepates who put Britain in only to then take it out like some demented Hokey Cokey? Do you remember Black Wednesday and the ERM? That was John Major, not Labour. Corbyn’s view seems fairly clear – you had a vote now deal with it. Jeremy Corbyn is naughty apparently because he is disturbed by the killing of Palestinian children. Perhaps this is because Britain yearns to become the Palestine of Europe and then to experience wholesale financial slaughter for themselves. I have no doubt there will be tunnels.

This is exactly what happened to we down under at Gallipoli. A bunch of dim-witted Toffs ordered us up a hill to be randomly shot at. We trusted their judgement and have never been the same since. Blame the class system. These public school pillow biters have no clue whatsoever about what they are doing. Yet the British cannot stop voting for them because that is what they have been programmed to do. I would hazard a guess and say that Gallipoli was an excellent result compared to Shrexit, since it was all over in a matter of months and casualties were limited to the tens of thousands. The misery of Schrexit on the other hand will drag on for decades and involve every corner of Old Blighty.

It is not fair to compare Schrexit with the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic had life rafts and good music. Ah well, at least the Reliant will be making a solid comeback.

I don’t even live in Britain and I am sick of hearing about it. You did all this. Just get it over with now. If you are nice to us we might send you butter.




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