Tropical Cyclone Judith Headed Our Way.

This is an important cyclone warning update. Please pay attention to the following information.

Just as New Zealand recovers from a round of particularly bad weather, yet another cyclone is apparently headed our way. Being a major cyclone that could yield dire consequence for current sunny conditions, Cyclone Judith is even now twisting her way across our path with deadly intent. Cyclone Judith will bring with her blistering hot winds, torrential outpourings, the odd cold front and possibly major seismic events of monumental proportions. Although there is speculation that Judith may diverge at a moment’s notice towards the closest Chinese border, it is expected that this hot tempered blast will quickly gather momentum, right-centering on a tight twist about Papakura.

Expect devastating consequences for many households throughout New Zealand from Spirits Bay in the North right down to Waikawa in the South – although pleasant coastal areas such as the Bay of Islands, Pauanui and Omaha should remain untouched.

Reports to date are that Judith is currently blowing up a storm.





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