Copywright – all rights reserved.

Copywright – all rights reserved.

All rights reserved.

“The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words become.” – May Sarton

Winner – Less Than 100  Words competition, Pure Vacuum, June 19 2015.

– 100 words on the subject of Beauty.

“Rarely the earth did speak. A pure vacuum where nothing could exist – not one sound, not a bird, not the wind. Within that moment of silence you realise the sea of noise within which we dwell. Baneful forces shook the earth so viciously that children cried from simple instinct. Even a teacher wept that day, tears  streaming down her cheeks as she gathered up  students  – though nowhere was really safe anymore. That deadly, malevolent force of beautiful violence erupting out into our world and shaking it viciously so that all our certainties had in an instant been thrown down.”

3 stories of flash fiction published in the Less Than 100 Words Charity eBook available now on Amazon, United Kingdom.

Commended – Segora International Writing Competition 2015, Eyes Before Dawn  – Short Story Fiction competition judged by Clare LeMay, August 2015.  ‘An original, mesmerising story of a journey, a rite of passage highlighting what it means to be human.’ Entries from 13 different countries, France.

Rangitawa Selection Writing Competition 2015, Anahera – Finalist selected for publication in the Rangitawa Collection 2015 Short Story Anthology edited by Jill Darragh, Rangitawa Publishing, New Zealand.

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2016 – Dishonorable Mention, Horror Section.


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David Meech has been published in The Aucklander, New London Writers, The Standard, Thinkerbeat, Independent Australia, Less Than 100 Words, Penthouse Australian & N.Z. and the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.


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